Comic 239 - P. 234
3rd Oct 2016, 1:00 AM in Chapter Eight
P. 234
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Author Notes:
dinkygollier edit delete
It's kind of hard to justify writing a story beat like this without feeling like I'm caving to a weird misogynist impulse to sideline a prominent female character's thoughts and feelings. But I feel like I speak from a place, historically, that rests uneasy in the knowledge that any hope we had of having a comfortable/decent future died with the housing bubble in the late 00's. How can one defend pursuing a career and an 'adult' life when the safeguards that made those careers possible have all but eroded? Why get excited about having a house in a nice community when we've seen what's happening to Flint, Michigan? Why feel comfortable finding a job with a 401K when you know, deep down, that somehow you'll never see a penny of that money, and that there are Let's Players making way more than what even the nicest job could offer you at your experience?

Frustrated over here, folks!